The Wonderful Adventure

(Volume 1)
Yuko Osada

Del Rey, May 2008, 204 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-345-50147-9

Genre: Comics
Subgenre: Manga
Reviewed: 5/13/2008

Reviewed by: Conan Tigard

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Kashika lives in a small town and has two good friends. He has a dream to see the world and live a life of adventure. His father was an explorer who disappeared one day, but his journal was found and given to Kashika when has was a small boy. Having read the journal many, many times over the years, Kashika is determined to see the world . . . just like his father.

One day, when the Baum, a Transcontinental Airship, makes an emergency landing in Kashika's town, he sneaks aboard just as the ship is taking flight. Ending up in the cargo hold, Kashika finds a small dog, and they instantly become fast friends. When Kashika hears a gunshot, he realizes that something is amiss on the repaired airship. The Man Chicken Family, a gang comprised of eleven members, has hijacked the Baum. After stealing all their valuables and making everybody jump into the ocean, they are surprised to find a boy and a dog in the cargo hold. The members of the Man Chicken Family look all over the ship for an important piece of cargo, but cannot find it.

After failing to throw Kashika and the dog overboard, Kashika finds himself doing all of the chores required of him by Tequila, the leader of the Man Chicken Family. When the airship is shot down by the Nassau Imperial Army, Kashika finds himself parachuting to the ground with his dog. They stumble across a girl, Dorothy, and she names the dog Toto, after the dog in The Wizard of Oz.

When they run across some members of the military, Dorothy knocks the military men out and explains to Kashika that she is Captain of the Tornado Senjutsu Team at St. Kansas Academy. They steal a military motorcycle with the sidecar, and Dorothy wants to head to Emerald, the richest city in the postwar world to see her mom and dad. Dorothy explains about the global war 50 years ago and how the Nassau Imperial Army rose to power in the aftermath.

After crashing the motorcycle, they run across an old farmer who invites them to stay at his house for the night. But is the farmer really who he appears to be? Will Kashika, Dorothy and Toto be safe for the night?

Toto!: The Wonderful Adventure: Volume 1 is a manga book written and drawn by Yuko Osada. This book was translated and adapted by Elina Ishikawa and lettered by Foltz Design. This book contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1: A Boy and a Dog

Chapter 2: Kakashi and the Man Chicken Family

Chapter 3: Corn and the Tornado Girl

Chapter 4: Wonderful World, Ugly World

There are also some special extras in the following sections: 1) Man Chicken Family, 2) Translation Notes, and 3) Preview of Volume 2, although the preview appears in Japanese. The book reads from right to left and back to front, just like a book from Japan. This manga book is intended for readers ages 13 and up.



Toto!: The Wonderful Adventure: Volume 1 transported me to another world . . . and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the entire premise of a boy living the life of adventure and seeing the strange and wonderful world that is beyond the boundaries of his small town.

This adventure takes place in a world that is not our own, as 50 years have passed since a war devastated the entire globe. Right from the first few pages, I knew that I was in for something special with Toto!: The Wonderful Adventure: Volume 1.

The artwork is brilliant and reminds me of some of the artwork in Mad Magazine. What I also liked about the artwork is the background in all the panels. So many artists do not take the time to put in any backgrounds, but Yuko Osada sure does.

With the storyline, it is packed with action and adventure as young Kashika begins the trip of a lifetime. The characters are well-developed, and boys will instantly bond with Kashika while girls will fall in love with Dorothy.

As for Toto, he sure is cute, except for when he mutates into this humongous, veiny monster of an upright-walking, muscle-bound man-dog. I was absolutely enthralled by the story and cannot wait for the next book to come out. Wow! It really blew me away!

Overall, Toto!: The Wonderful Adventure: Volume 1 is an utterly spectacular manga book that has jumped right to the top of my favorites list and I look forward with great anticipation to reading Toto!: The Wonderful Adventure: Volume 2. Bring it on!

I rated this book a 9 out of 10.

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