Conspiracy 365: September

(Conspiracy 365: Book Nine)

Gabrielle Lord

Kane Miller
September 2010, 185 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-935279-58-7

Genre: Young Reader
Subgenres: Thriller
Reviewed: 9/22/2010

Reviewed by: Conan Tigard

Book Cover


17 September

Car Lot

10:44 pm

The huge shadow was racing up behind us, growing with every second.

I grabbed both of Winter's boots and pulled her out of the wreck. "We have to run!"

As we both got to our feet, another automatic light switched on.

My jaw dropped.

It couldn't be!

It was impossible!

I'd seen him fall out of the bell tower and into the sky! I'd seen him lying dead in the splintered cactus plants out in front of the convent! Zombrovski had broken his neck when he messed up in his attempt to kill me!

"Zombie Two," I heard Winter whisper. "Run!"

Winter was closer to Zombie Two, and he was about to pounce on her. He lunged, knocking the flashlight out of her hand. It skidded with great speed out to the side.

Zombie Two's massive hands went to Winter's throat, and I instinctively hurtled myself at him, jumping onto his back and trying hopelessly to drag him away from Winter.

He flung me off his back like he was flicking a bug.

I tumbled to the ground.

Zombie Two released his grip on Winter and came after me.

He loomed over me as I scuttled backwards. He picked up the wayward flashlight and shone it right in my face.

His face began contorting with fury as recognition registered in his mind.

"It's you!" he hissed, in a thick, foreign accent. Winter was right: Zombie Two was even bigger and uglier than his brother! I never imagined it could be true. His eyes bulged, as if his anger was making them explode out of his head. He leaned back, nostrils flaring. "You kill my brother!"

"But I--"

"You kill my brother!"

"But I didn't. He--"

"You," he shouted, like he was possessed, "kill my brother!"

Zombie Two was going to kill me, no question. He grabbed my throat. He was crushing the air out of me. I could smell his stinking breath as he glowered over me, roaring. His hands were tightening remorselessly around my throat, and he was pinning me to the ground with his huge bulk.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I could see Winter coming up behind him.

"You kill my brother--now I kill you!" he screeched. "You break his neck--I break yours!"



Callum "Cal" Ormond dives into the frigid waters of a river after his sister was thrown off the bridge in a sleeping bag. In the dark, Cal futilely searches for his sister in the stygian waters, but cannot find her. After collapsing on the riverbank, he passes out and is woken by his sister, Gabbi. It seems that when she hit the water, Gabbi finally woke up from her coma and was able to swim to shore. Then, she stumbled upon Cal, literally since her legs didn't work very well, more by accident than anything else, and they were finally reunited.

After getting back together with Winter, Boges and Sharkey, Cal tells Gabbi everything that has been going on for the last eight months. She is flabbergasted that she was unconscious for eight months and has missed an entire year of school. Gabbi doesn't want to leave Cal, but realizes that she must return home, which she does.

Later, in Winter's apartment, the three friends talk about getting the Ormond Riddle and Jewel back from Oriana de la Force. On Cal's blog, Dr. Theopolis Brinsley, a manuscript keeper at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, has contacted Cal. He has some information about the riddle, but needs Cal to bring the original manuscript of the Ormond Riddle to Ireland so they can talk about it.

The three decide that then need to plant a bug, a listening device, in Oriana de la Force's office so they can learn where she has hidden the items. Boges goes about retrofitting an air pistol to shoot the modified bug into her room. Boges actually makes it look like a moth with a dart on the nose so it will stick into a wall.

Meanwhile, Winter is still trying to prove that Vulkan Sligo had something to do with her parent's death. She is convinced that her parent's wrecked car is somewhere in Sligo's junkyard. Winter convinces Cal to help her look for it late at night after the junkyard has closed. While breaking in and searching for the car, Cal runs across Zombie Two, Zombrovski's bigger and uglier brother, who wants to kill Cal.

While staying in Repro's hideout, Cal and Repro are captured by Three-O. After being tired up, Three-O leaves to fetch the police so he can get the reward for capturing Cal. Barely escaping and avoiding being captured, Cal and Repro are caught in a collapsing tunnel. As the rock and dirt from above fall down onto Cal, he wonders if this will be the end of his search for the truth?

Conspiracy 365: September is the ninth thrilling book of twelve in the Conspiracy 365 series written by Gabrielle Lord. This book is intended for young readers 10 and up.



Conspiracy 365: September a wonderful addition to an already awesome series. The action is plentiful and frequent, with Cal struggling to outwit the bad guys, which he doesn't always do. With the help of his friends, Cal has been able to survive all of his encounters with the bad guys, even if things don't always turn out as he would wish.

What I really enjoy about this series is that the books come out every month. Since each book is ends with a cliffhanger, I know that I will not have long to wait until the next book is published. I am kept sitting on the edge of my seat as I read these books and can't wait to finish each one. These books are real nail-biters. After nine months of books, it's amazing to me that I have any fingernails left at all.

Gabrielle Lord had created an utterly fantastic series in Conspiracy 365. There are only three books left, and I cannot wait to see how the whole things ends. There are still so many questions to be answered. Who is the guy that looks like Cal's twin? What are the last two missing lines to the Ormond Riddle? How will Cal make his way to Ireland without a passport? How will it all end? I don't know about you, but December just can't roll around fast enough for me!

Overall, Conspiracy 365: September is another adrenaline-packed novel that will keep you turning pages late into the night until your eyes are bloodshot. The drama and action will keep the reader glued to the book as the truth is finally revealed. I cannot wait to see if Cal heads out for Ireland in Conspiracy 365: October. He will need the luck of the Irish to make halfway around the world in one piece.

I rated this book a 9 out of 10.

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