Grk and the Hot Dog Trail

(A Grk Book - Book 3)

Joshua Doder


Delacorte Press, June 2008, 205 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-385-73361-8

Genre: Young Reader

Subgenre: Fiction
Reviewed: 10/14/2008

Reviewed by: Conan Tigard

Book Cover


Something pressed against Tim's face. He could feel softness and warmth.

Tim opened his eyes and found his vision blocked by a white bundle. As if the landscape has been covered in a thick snowfall.

He moved his head backwards. The whiteness was Grk, who had come to lie on the floor beside Tim's head.

"Hello," whispered Tim.

Grk lifted his head and stared at Tim.

For a minute or two, they looked at one another.

Tim said, "It's hopeless, isn't it?"

Grk just looked at him.

A tear eased out of Tim's eye and trickled slowly down his cheek.

"I don't want to die," whispered Tim.

Grk said nothing.

Tim stared into Grk's big brown eyes. On the curve of Grk's pupil, he could see the reflection of his own face. But he could see something else too. Something that he couldn't really understand or even put into words. Something deep inside Grk's eye.

If you had asked Tim to describe what he had seen, he wouldn't have been able to tell you. But whatever is was, it made him feel stronger.

He whispered, "We're not going to give up, are we?"

Grk opened his mouth, showing his tiny white pointed teeth, and barked twice. The noise echoed around the room.

Tim stared at him.

Very slowly, a smile spread across Tim's face. "Oh, yes," he whispered. "That it! You're a genius, Grk. You are a genius!"



Timothy Malt, his parents, Max and Natascha Raffifi, and Grk are on vacation in New York City. They intend to visit all the tourist sites like the Empire State Building, ride the Staten Island Ferry, shop the stores of Fifth Avenue, and see the Golden Dachshund in the new exhibit at the National Museum.

But when the Golden Dachshund statue mysteriously disappears, Max and Tim claim to know who has stolen the golden wiener dog statue. See, Grk had found a hot dog on the ground outside the museum. Doctor Wiener has hot dog carts all over the city, none of them having a license to sell on the streets of New York City.

Tim cannot stand sitting the hotel room and sneak off to retrieve the missing statue with Grk. While in Central Park, he tries to tell an officer of his suspicions, but the officer doesn't believe him. Watching the offered tell the Doctor Wiener cart to remove it's business from that area, Tim rents a bicycle and follows them with Grk running beside him. The head across the Brooklyn Bridge. After wiping out and losing the truck, they find themselves outside of Doctor Wiener's factory. Across the street is a theater and Tim meets an actress names Smith. Tim tells her about what he suspects about the theft and Smith informs him that he can get Tim and Grk in Doctor Wiener's hot dog factory.

When Tim and Grk enter the factory, and Smith has left, they get captured. Frank Bock is a hire gun and when Tim and Grk escape and make him look like a fool, he vows to get the boy, and his little dog, too.

Grk and the Hot Dog Trail by Joshua Doder is the third story in the Grk Series. This book is intended for young readers ages 9 to 12.



Grk and the Hot Dog Trail is another wonderful book about Tim and his adventurous dog, Grk. Yes, I realize that Grk is a strange name for a dog, as there are no vowels, but that doesn't really matter.

Joshua Doder has created two wonderful characters in this boy and his dog. It just makes you want to growl when you say his name. Actually, I feel sorry for Tim's parents. Tim and Grk are always disappearing on adventures leaving Tim's parents wondering about the safety of their son. Boy, if my daughter kept going on adventures with life-threatening criminals, I would put my foot down.

That aside, I really enjoyed Grk and the Hot Dog Trail and found the bad guys to not be as "bad' in this book, although Frank Bock is a nasty, little fellow. I miss having Max and Natascha as main characters, like there were in the first book in this series, A Dog Called Grk. They are generally only at the beginning and the end of the story now. Grk was originally their dog, so I would love to see them more involved in the stories.

Overall, Grk and the Hot Dog Trail is a fun, fast-paced, adventure-filled, heart-pounding story staring a boy and his faithful dog trying to right the wrongs committed by criminals. Young readers, especially boys, will love the books about Tim and Grk. I look forward to more adventures of these two in Grk: Operation Tortoise. Go get 'em, Grk. Good boy.

I rated this book an 8 out of 10.

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